Majestic SEO is The Ultimate Backlinks Analyser

By | March 5, 2016

Majestic is my used browser plugin in Chrome and Firefox.  As I browse the internet looking at websites I check backlinks.  I am always looking for opportunities for clients to increase their ranking by gaining more links.

When I am considering a asking a website if I can write for them I want know what the backlink profile is like; are they risky and adding links from sources that I consider outdated or are they gold?  This is even more important in a post Penguin world.

Site Explorer


When you click on the browser plugin this is the popup report.  Which is great in itself.

If you click the URL at the top left a new tab opens the full results page on Majestic.

Here you can see the Trust Flow and Citation Flow for any website.  There are easy metrics and summaries to judge a domain by.

Click on Ref Domains to see the list of Domains that link to the site and sort using Alexa, Backlinks, Country, IP, and various other metrics.  Questions to ask yourself here are: are lots of the IP address the same, do the sites have Alexa Ranking, what country is the site from.  Answers to these questions can help you judge the health of the site; for example are a lot of the links from the same IP address – this happens with web design companies when they host all the client sites or when a site has bought a lot of links from a network that are all hosted together.

Backlink History


It can be dangerous to treat a site on face value.  The current links look good, health is good; however using Majestic’s backlink history tool or historic index can unearth past problems.

Look for big increases or decreases in links.  These are symptomatic of over enthusiastic link building or a negative SEO attack.  Big drops in links are usually the result of a clean up after Google Penguin and I would prefer to leave site like that out of my link profile.

Anchor Text

As everyone now knows the over use of any anchor text except for your domain name can cause a manual penalty to be issue by Google.

The anchor text view allows you to see the current anchors – interesting from a competition research perspective – and the historic anchors, again have they been cleaned up at some point?

For clients, and myself, it is good to identify anchors that are causing an issue.  Empty anchors are common when images have been used, often I like to drop an email to the webmaster and ask them to even just add the domain name as the alt text.  All of the usual expected anchors should be visible: click here, his site, their site, view, visit – and of course I expect the brand or domain name to dominate.

Clique Hunter


Clique hunter allows you to compare the backlink profiles of websites and find the links they have in common.

Take your top ten competitors and enter them into the tool, then top 9, top 8, etc.  You will find more links for each search.  Normally these will be easy places to add your own site – however beware of the quality, as some of these might be old links that your competitors would wish not to have.

Majestic Million

Are you in the Majestic Million?  This is a list of the top million website in Majestic’s index based on backlinks.  Browsing through the list can through up some interesting sites, a quick run through the top 200 or 300 will turn up sites where it might be good to have a profile.

Bulk Backlink Checker

The bulk backlink checker is useful for massive website audits.  Often if I am working on a large shopping cart I would like to see all the links to all the pages, or even just specific pages.

Majestic allows you to enter 400 URL’s pasted or up to 10,000 in a file.  Download and sort in excel and you can see all the links to internal pages.

I feel like I have to state at this point that I have no connection to Majestic, I don’t work for them I’m not even an affiliate – I just love the ease at which I can use their app.

Leslie runs Cube Online Marketing where he offers Adwords Management and setup service to help companies get the best out of paid advertising online.

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