How to Flush Your Central Heating System

By | January 14, 2016

The central heating system in the house needs to be flushed every now and then to make sure that it is going to work right, it is worth getting a Plumbing and Heating services company to do it for you. You know that you have all these complex contraptions in the house that are going to keep it warm, and you need to make sure that you have them taken care of so they will work next year. The oil that is used in some central heating systems is going linger in the system if it is not cleaned out, and you may not be able to start the system in the winter again.


The Oil Reservoir

You have to have the reservoir cleaned out first.  You will notice that the oil is just going to sit there until it is taken out, and it is going to sit in the system if you have not removed it. Every time you get the system cleaned, and you need to make sure that you are going to get the oil reservoir taken out. You are going to avoid issues with the flush if you have the oil removed. Many people actually store their oil for the next cold season, and that might be a much easier job for you than just getting rid of the oil.

The Inspection

The inspection of the system is going to make it easy for you to know that the parts of the system are working correctly. The inspection will show any leaks, and you are going to avoid having the flush go out the leaks when you have had the inspection done. You will get the repairs done fast, and you can move on to getting someone to do the flush for you.

Do Not Do It By Yourself

You should not try to do a flush by yourself because the process is pretty complex. You have to be able to check on different parts of the system while you are doing the flush, and you have to have all the materials to do it. It is better if you just hire someone to help you, and the flush will go off without a hitch.

What Does The Flush Do?

The flush is going to push a cleaning fluid through each part of your system to make sure that all the lines are clean. There are going to be a lot different parts of the system that are going to build up gunk during the year, and you have to get all that stuff out of the system. It may not clog the system this year, but it will clog the system in the future. You run the risk of having a very big problem with the system that is hard to solve when you could have just had the flush done.

When Do You Do It?

You need to do the flush at the end of the winter season. The moment that you turn your AC on is the time when you need to shut off the heater and call for the flush. This is the perfect thing to do right at the beginning of the season so that you are not going to forget, and it is going to allow the system to sit clean for all the spring and the summer. Waiting too long could prove to be a problem if your system does not start working when it gets cold again.

How Long Does It Take?

You need to give the work crew a couple hours to make sure that they can get it done right for you. Everyone who has had one of these services done before knows that it takes time for each part of the process to be done, and the people that you are working with are going to tell you how much longer it is going to take. They have done this many times, and they are going to give you a fair estimate on how long it is going to take.

Money Well Spent

You are going to spend money on this every year, but it is going to help you make sure that you can keep the heater going. You might think that your heater is dead if you have not had it cleaned, or the repairs may cost so much that you are going to have to just replace it. You can avoid all that if you just make sure that you are having it flushed once a year once it gets warm outside and you no longer need the heater.

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