Why is Power Quality Important?

Having a good supply of power is critical in any business or home and this becomes even more important in business terms when machinery is in use. A good power supply helps to ensure safety and efficiency and protects both people and their assets. Unfortunately, many companies and individuals put up with low-quality power and… Read More »

What is the Purpose of an Arc Flash Study?

Do you know what an arc flash is? If not, just keep reading this article. The dictionary defines an arc flash as an electric luminous bridge that exist between distinctive electrodes. It occurs when a short circuit condition or a fault passes through this gap. Usually, an arc flash is initiated via accidental contact on… Read More »

Why is Lockout Safety Used?

Safety measures should be applied in every sector of our lives as a way of curbing potential danger. They are vital in ensuring safe environments for individuals carrying out different tasks. Since the inception of life, there have always been elements in our environment, which either threaten or support the safety of human life. These… Read More »

What is Thermal Imaging used for and How does it Benefit our Everyday Life?

Thermal imaging cameras, or thermography camera, are complex pieces of equipment used for analyzing specific scenes or objects by converting thermal energy or heat into an image. Known as a thermogram, the image then goes through an analysis process called thermography. Although these devices were originally created for use by the military during the Korean… Read More »

Majestic SEO is The Ultimate Backlinks Analyser

Majestic is my used browser plugin in Chrome and Firefox.  As I browse the internet looking at websites I check backlinks.  I am always looking for opportunities for clients to increase their ranking by gaining more links. When I am considering a asking a website if I can write for them I want know what… Read More »

When to Wear Arc Flash Clothing

Life is about getting that work done, yet some work can be pretty tacky. Think of your personal protection, sometimes in your line of work you have to protect yourself from harmful elements. Thanks to electric shock and waves, chemical concentrations, heat and a variety of other harmful elements the arc flash cloth wear came… Read More »

What are Lockout Tagout Training Requirements

  There are several requirements for OSHA’s lockout tagout requirements. This is put in to place to make sure that workers are protected in the case of hazardous energy being released. There are several important things to know as an employer and an employee. What are the Employer’s Requirements? The lockout/tagout is a set of… Read More »

What are the 5 best Online Accounting Software

The five best online accounting software programs you can choose will all help you get some really nice results when you are trying to do your own books. There is no reason to hire an accounting team you cannot afford when you can get one of these companies to help you. It will be much… Read More »

Why is Pat Testing Important

The importance of Portable Appliance Testing the workplace Portable Appliance Testing – PAT is an important element in ensuring electrical safety in the work environment. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 state that any electrical appliance that has the potential to cause harm, must be maintained in a safe condition. PAT can be broken down… Read More »

How to Flush Your Central Heating System

The central heating system in the house needs to be flushed every now and then to make sure that it is going to work right, it is worth getting a Plumbing and Heating services company to do it for you. You know that you have all these complex contraptions in the house that are going… Read More »